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Protocol for the Elimination of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

Monday 09 de October 2023
Protocol for the Elimination of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

Protocol for the Elimination of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products


  • This treaty aims to eliminate all forms of trade in tobacco products, which translates into the prosecution of illicit tobacco trafficking
  • The guidelines to follow to achieve the objective of this treaty are established, in the same way it includes aspects related to meetings, budget and financing so that the Secretariat can implement the work plan approved by the MOP.
  • It is also recommended to interconnect all the entities that make up the agreement so that they can guarantee support and information.


The protocol is a treaty that derives from the provisions of article 15 of the WHO FCTC, which refers to illicit trade in tobacco products and its objective is to eliminate all forms of illicit trade in tobacco products, in accordance with the terms of the convention for Tobacco Control.


As part of the obligations, it is established to adopt and apply effective measures to control or regulate the supply chain of the articles to which this Protocol applies in order to prevent, discourage, detect, investigate and prosecute illicit trade in such articles.


This is how government entities must cooperate with each other, in addition to taking the pertinent measures to enhance together with the customs and police authorities, all measures to prevent, discourage, detect, investigate, prosecute and eliminate all forms of illicit trade in the articles referred to by the Protocol.


In compliance with the obligations assumed with the ratification of the Protocol, the Parties will ensure transparency with respect to the relationship with the tobacco industry.


Regarding the meetings of the Parties, it is indicated that they will be convened by the Secretariat of the Framework Convention in accordance with what is agreed at the meetings of the MOP, the highest governing body of this treaty, which will examine the application of the Protocol and take decisions that are necessary to promote its effective implementation.


At the meeting of the Parties, the scale and mechanism of contributions indicated by the Parties will be established and which are intended

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for the operation of the Protocol, as well as other possible resources necessary for its implementation.


At each ordinary session, the meeting of the Parties will adopt by consensus a budget and a work plan for the financial year that ends with the following ordinary session, which will be different from the budget and work plan of the WHO FCTC. It will also approve decisions aimed at achieving comprehensive and effective implementation of the Protocol